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13MP USB Camera
8MP USB Camera
5MP USB Camera
3MP USB Camera
2MP USB Camera
1MP USB Camera
0.3MP USB Camera
50MP MIPI Camera
48MP MIPI Camera
21MP MIPI Camera
20MP MIPI Camera
16MP MIPI Camera
13MP MIPI Camera
12MP MIPI Camera
8MP MIPI Camera
5MP MIPI and DVP Camera
5MP MIPI Camera
5MP DVP Parallel Camera
4MP MIPI and DVP Camera
4MP MIPI Camera
3MP MIPI and DVP Camera
2MP MIPI and DVP Camera
2MP MIPI Camera
2MP DVP Parallel Camera
1MP MIPI and DVP Camera
1MP MIPI Camera
1MP DVP Parallel Camera
0.3MP MIPI Camera
0.3MP DVP Parallel Camera

YDSCAM CAMERAS (Company: YingDeShun Co. Ltd.)


YingDeShun Co. Ltd. (YDS) was established in 2017, a next-generation technology driven manufacturer specialized in research, design, and produce of audio and video products.  YDS is occupying 20,000 square feet automated plants with 100 employees of annual throughput 30,000,000 units cameras. 


YDS provides OEM, ODM design, contract manufacturing, and builds the camera products. You may provide the requirements to us, even with a hand draft, our sales and engineering work together to meet your needs. We consider ourselves your last-term partner in developing practical and innovative solutions. 


Our team covers everything from initial concept development to mass produced product.  YDS specializes in customized camera design, raw material, electronic engineering, firmware/software development, product testing, and packing design.  Our experienced strategic supply systems offer a robust and dependable manufacturing capacity for orders of various sizes.



Limited Warranty


YDS provides the following limited warranty if you purchased the Product(s) directly from YDS company or from YDS’s website  Product(s) purchased from other sellers or sources are not covered by this Limited Warranty.  YDS guarantees that the Product(s) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date you receive the product (“Warranty Period”).


For all Product(s) that contain or develop material defects in materials or workmanship during the Warranty Period, YDS will, at its sole option, either: (i) repair the Product(s); (ii) replace the Product(s) with a new or refurbished Product(s) (replacement Product(s) being of identical model or functional equivalent); or (iii) provide you a refund of the price you paid for the Product(s). 


This Limited Warranty of YDS is solely limited to repair and/or replacement on the terms set forth above. YDS is not reliable or responsible for any subsequential events.

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